Where Innovation Meets Execution

At OOQIA, we believe in the power of innovation. Founded by our visionary CEO, we started our journey with a single project and grand vision. Today, we stand as a recognized enterprise empowering your ideas, one line at a time.

With a diverse array of capabilities spanning across both merging and stablished technologies, we offer two core services; Software Development and Hire Developer from our elite team to turn your vision into reality.

We are OOQIA not OOQUIA or Okia

Our company name came about from our search for a word that encapsulated our dedication to innovation and wisdom, OOQIA emerged from an exploration of Greek language. We found "Sofia", meaning wisdom which in Greek script appeared as "OOQIA". Embracing this amazing discovery, we adopted OOQIA as our name.

As we progressed from a humble beginning, OOQIA's name became synonymous with excellence and creativity, reflecting our unwavering pursuit of wisdom and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


Leading with passion

Founder and CEO of OOQIA IT Outsourcing service provider leader in Nicaragua. From Managua, Nicaragua passionate connecting talented software developer teams with companies and entrepreneurs creating new and disruptive technology experiences.

“Leadership is the ability of creating more leaders and become their #1 follower”

Benjamín López

CEO & Founder

With 15+ years of experience, we've completed 1000+ of projects in technologies for web, mobile and desktop apps.

15+ years

and counting…

Connected globally, working remotely
Dive into the strength of our global team, interconnected across continents. With diverse members spanning the world, we excel in remote collaboration, delivering innovative solutions transcending geographical boundaries.

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